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 “Marci's knowledge and sensitivity have helped me deal with pain & related immobility issues. She helps train your brain to move your body in healthier, less painful ways. If you have back pain, for example, she can help you find ways to get in and out of a car or bed, so you can stop tweaking and exacerbating "hot spots". Marci is helpful with both chronic and acute pain & mobility limitations. If we grew up with guidance like she's given me, we'd have much more flexible, relaxed, pain-free bodies. (Never heard of Feldenkrais? You don’t know what you’ve been missing!)”  Marilyn N., Los Angeles

  Welcome! Please browse the site to learn more about me and my practice. 

I am fascinated by a variety of fields. Human potential and learning. The natural ability of our bodies to prevent damage and help us heal. Relationships within the "mindbody" that are accepted and studied with increasing frequency by mainstream scientists. How people involved in high performance activities apply techniques that engage these relationships with heightened awareness to refine their skills.


My path has meandered gently, providing complementary skills. I danced professionally, worked in televison production, have and continue to teach college level biology for over 20 years, and help people learn how to hone their self-awareness by exploring unique, simple movement sequences. 

Applying this new awareness to daily activities usually leads to reducing or eliminating pain, deep relaxation, improved posture, greater balance, refined athletic and artistic performance. Rediscovering the pleasure of graceful, efficient, easy movement.  

My clients are beautifully diverse. They range from infancy to elders. A twenty-something personal trainer says he incorporates what he learns from our work into his personal workouts and sessions with his students. Others include people whose lives have been touched by cancer, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, stroke, developmental delay, sprains, folks who are on the computer or on their feet for hours a day, weekend warriors, dancers, actors, musicians, and those who simply wish to improve their quality of life by developing a deeper sense of self-awareness . 

These new skills enable my clients to reduce pain, improve movement quality as well as range, and apply what they learn to increase efficiency of daily activities, refine athletic and artistic skills,

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